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    Next Level Kitchen Management

    Posted by Sara Roberts on Apr 28, 2020 3:29:30 PM



    It's 2020 and there is literally an app for everything. Organizing your business and life is easier than it has every been with the technology we have at our fingertips.
    Let's talk about your kitchen. How are your inspections done? Clipboards, checklists, and an overworked manager poring over the details? Do you store this information? If so, where? What if we could streamline it all for you?
    We have partnered with Co-Inspect, the leading Food Safety, Quality Management, and Training platform. Co-Inspect offers powerful checklist platform that allows you to analyze across every location and improve performance. It can customize your checklists and create beautiful reports.
    Taking it a step further, they also offer a Bluetooth Temperature Probe integration for your checklists and a 24/7 Wireless Temperature monitoring sensor for your refrigeration systems and coolers. Never be blindsided by a dead refrigerator again!
    Schedule a NO obligation demo today: https://coinspectapp.com/elite-food-safety

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