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    It Was a Hard Year...

    Posted by Krystal Luckey on Jan 4, 2022 8:24:31 AM


    2021 has come to an end.  Every year, millions of people make resolutions, goals, and even theme words or phrases.  The last 3 years have been hard and it has brought everyone to a very cautious and timid posture as we enter the new year.  Here are some phrases we have heard for 2022: 

    “Go in calm.” 

    “Don’t make eye contact.” 

    “Keep your hands to yourselves.” 

    “Nobody claim this as ‘your’ year!” 

    “2022 is just 2020 too, be careful.” 


    While we understand the caution, Elite Food Safety is here and it is our goal to make YOUR 2022 easier. 


    How can Elite Food Safety help you? 

    Our team offers many different services to help our local businesses and food service establishments maintain and improve their environment and reputations in the community. 


    ServSafe Manager’s Certification

    This course is an 8-hour course detailing all the information you need to know about food safety.  We offer this class as an online course, in-person class, as well as group and private classes. 


    Food Handler’s Certification
    This certification is a less in-depth training compared to the Manager’s certification and covers the basics of safe food handling.  This certification is valid for 3 years. 


    ServSafe Alcohol Training 

    This training gives you the tools to handle and serve alcohol responsibility and keep yourselves and your customers safe. 


    Allergen Training 

    This is a comprehensive training that drives home the critical lessons regarding allergens that all employees and managers need to know before an emergency occurs.  


    Food Safety Audit Services 

    Our auditing services provide you with proper food safety practices coaching and training for your staff and management personnel.  We conduct assessments that include food quality standards, sanitation, cleanliness and maintenance issues.  We will address root causes of issues and help develop corrective action plans for those issues as well as offering assistance post inspection. 


    Co-Inspect and Therma Services 

    Therma is a powerful monitoring tool for your refrigeration equipment.  It allows you to find out immediately when a cooler goes down and helps reduce food spoilage. 

    Co-Inspect is an organization tool for your checklists.  It allows you to stay on top of your inspections and kitchens with ease.  This is an easy-to-use app with inspection sheets and more to make your establishments run smoothly. 

    Contact us for a demo! 



    Why chose Elite Food Safety? 

    Elite Food Safety Training provides ServSafe© food safety training to anyone that is looking for more than just a “conveyor belt course”. We’ve seen promises made by other training groups to give you “what you want” however, do any of them give you what “you need”? Elite Food Safety was born out of his passion to not only keep the public safe, but to help guide food service workers and establishments in creating safe kitchens and settings for their customers.   

    Our mission at Elite Food Safety is to ensure our students are continuing to learn long after their class has ended.  We also strive to educate our students in a way that the knowledge they receive is retained and used professionally and personally daily.  

    Our instructors are trained to use a wide variety of teaching methods to keep the classes entertaining and interesting.  We use videos, quizzes, handouts, role playing and more.  At EFST we understand time is money, that’s why we provide a safe, professional conference room style training facility that will help your retention of ServSafe© study material using this blended learning approach. This approach helps students listen, watch and retain key food safety lessons.  Our students are able to go back to their place of business and be a real leader in food safety. They successfully lead their teams and are confident in the knowledge they have obtained.   

    You will always remember taking one of our classes!  Need a fun team environment for your staff?  We can help with that too.   

    We want you to enjoy your training and at the end feel like a real food safety manager equipped the knowledge you’ll need to handle any food safety problem.